AKTU Code: 431 & POLYTECHNIC Code: 260


BNCET is a consortium of leading colleges of International standards has been established under the auspicious aegis of Baij Nath Charitable and Educational Trust in the year 2008 for setting trends and raising standards for management technical education.
The objective of our Techno-Managerial programs is to equip our students with knowledge, skills and confidence needed to develop corporate leaders, strategists and decision makers who can significantly contribute in nation building exercise.
An exhaustive, intensive industry and trade related curriculum covers almost all the functional dimensions of techno managerial education. Case studies, live projects, presentations, seminars, symposiums, internships, study trips and industrial visits part and parcel of the program.
It it is our endeavor to make each BNCETian a success story and BNCET as a pre-eminent techno management college of India for nurturing talent and advancing knowledge in multi ethnic learning environment.


Provide an environment of effective learning and innovation to transform student into dynamic, responsible and productive professionals in their respective fields, who are capable of adapting to the changing of the industry and society with special emphasis on their self- reliance and sustainability to meet the ever changing requirements of local and global industries.

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To take B.N.C.E.T. by the year 2020 to such a level that it is an equal partner of the other leading institution of the world to provide leadership to the International Education System and is rated as one of the top world institution which produces world - class competent and dedicated technical and managerial resource embedded in traditional indian values and positive attitudes. It is the intent and purpose of this group to install a sense of grave responsibility into the hearts of these young souls.