AKTU Code: 431 & POLYTECHNIC Code: 260
Trustee BNCET

Megha Singh Patel


We are firmly focused on earning the College a national reputation for excellence and developing it into a choicest destination for engineering education in the country.Inside this campus the possibilities seem limitless. You will find cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment and minds that push the envelope of theory and experimentation.
Our institute facilitate innovative thinking by presenting students with an exclusive learning. The present day technical education requires multi-dimensional learning & curriculum to be in pace with global trend. So these students require a comprehensive platform with good educational Institute to learn with innovative quality & leadership.Our ultimate aim is to feed the engineer with finer aspects of Science that makes him understand, exploit and innovate.Driven by an urge to excel and out stand, every branch of engineering is seeing a rapid growth and change. It abounds in well equipped and sophisticated laboratories, well stocked libraries and highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members.

At the institution, we are deeply conscious of the challenges and responsibilities that this new world order represents. As committed educationalists, we adapt the techniques of education not only to face the ever-evolving challenges but also to be progressively creative through scientific research. Offering top quality technical education and moulding the younger generation with the spirit of service to society.We are committed to enhance the quality of education and to create confidence and secured environment to students. We enable success to students in chosen career, through regular and continuing education.

We aspire to aid the pursuit of knowledge in students. The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours. Claim as high as you can dream, to contribute towards the capacity of India to take part in the technological revolution.