Biotechnology, the technology harnessing cellular and bio-molecular processes to develop procedures and products, has amalgamated biology and technology. It has the fundamental aim to improve the quality of life. Today Biotechnology finds its wide applications and has potential impact on virtually all domains of human welfare. The department incessantly aims to train students by imparting them latest industry required knowledge in the fields of Biotechnology and other allied areas.

The Department of Biotechnology, B. N. College of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow is offering academic program B. Tech (Biotechnology) since 2015. We follow the curriculum of APJ AKTU orienting towards imparting skills in addition to the in-depth coverage of the core discipline. Being a highly refined and sophisticated discipline, the Department of Biotechnology had experienced faculty with a rich and varied teaching and research exposure. Many of them have doctoral research experience from reputed national institutions.

Besides encouraging students to become proficient in their academic arena, the Department of Bio-technology motivates them to participate in various personality enhancing activities. The student club Bio-Sapiens regularly conducts curricular and co-curricular activities and newsletter Aarohan provides the information related to technical, cultural and literary competitions at both intra and inter University level. Professionals from industry and national research laboratories, visit the department to give guest lectures and seminars on the latest developments and industry practices in Biotechnology and allied domain. Biotechnology engineers can easily make a career in Bioinformatics, Pharma, Mushroom cultivation etc. for which the department conducts value added programmes to prepare the students for their prospective careers.

Dr. Pankaj Verma
(Head, Department of Biotechnology)