Director Message

The goal of education is to produce technocrats & professionals of quality who could combine competence with virtue. It, therefore calls for the development of human resources to ensure a sustainable social transformation, development of knowledge society, and durable technological progress. The development of human resources therefore requires a multi-directional approach for the development of technical, communications & managerial skills, innovativeness, entrepreneurship, versatility, flexibility, and teamwork.

In BN College of Engineering and Technology, this goal of education is achieved by having a commendable and dedicated squad of teaching faculty. A quality teacher, on account of his or her leadership instinct, high intellectual capabilities, and excellent moral values is always a source of inspiration. In our college, besides grooming and reinforcing the existing faculty the students are revamped from time to time to cope with the requirement of industries and other organizations..

Committed to academic excellence the college employs well-qualified and experienced faculty. Besides, this splendid façade of the college building is matched by its solid infrastructure. Our vision and mission are to see that one student grow to contribute their best towards the economic and social growth of the nation and place the country among the few top most developed countries of the world.

Our aim is to encourage students from all background who wishes to become an Engineer. The pedagogy in teaching that we follow is interacting and the well-experienced faculty members also give personal attention to weak students and also ensure participation of all the students in various academic and extracurricular activities. We provide a solid foundation among all the undergraduate students to enable them to understand the concepts clearly and also encourage them to participate in project designing and implementation to gain practical experience and knowledge.

Our students prepared a Solar Electric car with the assistance of the faculty members who participated in the national Solar Electric Car ISIE championship and were able to finish as first 5 car participants among more than 120 colleges who participated in the competition, also won Rs 1,00,000/- (One Lac) prize money and Rs 10,000/- as prize money for their performance.

We also impart personality development learning to assist students from various different backgrounds to upgrade themselves and become presentable. Our focus is to create engineering graduates who would find a suitable place in the industry and contribute in a positive way to the development of society.