Before gaining knowledge about any particular field, one has to acquire an understanding to oneself. Sports and Games are essential components of human resource development, helping to promote good health, companionship and spirit of healthy competition which in turn has positive impact on holistic development of personality of the Youth who is potential source of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration for development, progress and prosperity of a Nation.

By providing attractive new facilities we would be happy to engage student in positive leisure engagement that will promote personal growth that is of critical importance to healthy development and enhancing the quality of student life and preparing people for the future that would also increase overall satisfaction and make a positive contribution to institutions.

At BNCET we believe that our students must be all-rounder and excel equally in sports as much as they excel in their academics.

For this we provide facilities for playing Cricket, football, Badminton to make sure students are physically fit and table tennis, carom and chess for indoor fun.